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A.Yoshii Empreendimentos

A.Yoshii Empreendimentos offers corporate solutions, operating in real estate construction and rental such as commercial, logistics or industrial plants, according to the specific needs of each user.

A.Yoshii Empreendimentos works flexibly and broadly with contracts in several modalities, including BTS (built–to-suit).

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The business modalities adopted by A. Yoshii are also used by industries in the US and Europe, and have grown in Brazil, evidenced by several benefits brought by this system, including fiscal benefits and non-immobilization on capital.Construction modalities are highly varied, including warehouses and distribution centers as well as facilities for the industry sector such as offices and for the hotel and educational sector, among others.

A.Yoshii Empreendimentos main goal is to build a determined project coupled with a rental contract.

At A.Yoshii Empreendimentos, these operations are structured to align the company’s expectations to those of the client. From ideal location to operational details, including the financial feasibility of the project, all factors are analyzed in detail.

Through this service, the investor makes possible, through a contract, a real estate project according to the interests and needs of the user, who will use it for a pre-established period of time. This synergy optimizes operations for the client.

Advantages provided by A.Yoshii Empreendimentos:

  • A. Yoshii makes a complete analysis of the project before its development. The location, the projects, the construction and the financial feasibility are verified;
  • Construction meets the specific needs of each client;
  • Rent is accounted for as operational expensesthus reducing taxation.

• A.Yoshii believes clients are, above all, business partners, and, based on this principle, tries to maintain active relationships, providing continuous and highly efficient services.

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