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Social responsibility is the commitment to citizenship. With this in mind, A.Yoshii Engenharia maintains projects and actions that improve the quality of life in the communities where it operates.

The company supports programs that value human life, create environmental awareness, ensure environmental preservation and encourage sports and culture. A.Yoshii participates in social projects, such as daycare centers and hospitals, and support projects to encourage entrepreneurship and achievement in technological bases.

Respecting the community begins at construction sites where employees are taught about health, hygiene, rational use of resources, organization and environmental awareness.

In all places of work, the contractor develops preventive actions related to risks and environmental impacts, ranging from recycling and saving water, energy and raw materials to care for the disposal of waste materials. The collection and recycling of materials are incorporated into the daily life of the company.

The A.Yoshii Engineering supports and sponsors the Ishindaiko Group which has over 30 members. Through the contagious rhythm of Taikos, Japanese drums, they learn, practice, preserve and disseminate Japanese culture. The Institute sponsors and encourages the development of entrepreneurial initiatives by the donation of the building for the International Technology Incubator of Universidade Estadual de Londrina (INTUEL). Circuit A.Yoshii Visual Arts by the Institute and Kimiko Atsushi Yoshii with the aim of promoting cultural democracy. Exhibition of Works by Yutaka Toyota. The program of increasing schooling of employees vai
elementary school through higher education, including graduate.
Sponsorship Incentive and cultural projects as Theatre, Music and Cinema. Circuit A.Yoshii Visual Arts Institute conducted by Atsushi Yoshii and Kimiko
aiming to promote and disseminate culture.
Sponsorship Incentive and sports training projects in underserved communities, and sponsorship of sporting events, such as the traditional race of 10 km from Londrina. Teaching techniques to craft wives of employees, using recycled materials in construction. Circuit A.Yoshii Visual Arts by the Institute and Kimiko Atsushi Yoshii with the aim of promoting cultural democracy. Exhibition of Paintings by David Wang and Photography Exhibition RR Rufino.



Being a volunteer is to participate in social and community actions without compensation. You donate your time, effort and talent to social and community causes, contributing to a more just and caring community.

A.Yoshii encourages voluntary action and performs in several actions such as Project Health, Social Action, Environment and Click, all made possible with the engagement of its employees.


Atsushi and Kimiko Yoshii Institute

In 2006 Atsushi e Kimiko Yoshii Institute was founded. It is a nonprofit organization that realized an old dream that was the result of more than four decades of social work, developed in several regions, but especially in the city of Londrina / PR.

Instituto Atsushi e Kimiko YoshiiIn order to promote community development, the Institute supports the Service Sector in expanding and consolidating social activities through projects focused on improving the quality of life, and making society and culture more democratic.

Through their attitudes Mr. and Mrs. Yoshii and, by extension, A.Yoshii Engenharia, received Honorary Citizenship of Londrina as well as the Order of Industrial Merit, awarded by the National Industries Confederation.

Check out the history of the Institute and its projects on site:

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